Oct 11

Oct 11, 2004

Slow fairing progress

Very messy! Smelly pink dust everywhere, but it's a labor of love. I think a little hand shaping with sand paper and a wire brush infuses the fairing with some soal.

18. I sanded and cleaned the rough wire brush gouges with sand paper.
19. The first coat of drywall mud.

Stay tuned for more....

I started work on an extension for the rear end widening it from 32 inches to 44 inches. This will be a royal pain on narrow shoulders (especially shoulders with rumble strips), but it should provide enough stability at speed to make it even safer, and That's a fair trade-off!

In other news, On Friday, Matt Weaver apparently attempted to break the hour HPV speed record. Matt completed the hour in 51.4 miles! - That's almost 83 kph for an hour straight, and only 7 km away from winning the $25,000 MacCready Hour Record Prize. The current record holder is none other than fellow Canadian Sam Whittingham where he travelled 52.02 miles in exactly one hour on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 in the Varna Diablo.

2 Doo LIST:

1. Buy and install right brake (FINALLY ordered it!)
2. Invent new cable tensioner to allow more steering bar turn radius
3. Add front derailleur
4. Order 20mm axle bolts for the rear wheels (I'm using 1/2 inch now which isn't right)
5. Design and machine 2 seat mounts out of aluminum to replace current steel ones (e-machineshop.com) LATER.
6. Design and machine 2 steering tensioners out of alum to replace LATER
7. Order a new front wheel! (Helen is kind of upset that I am user her Zipp race wheel!)
8. Start work on the first fairing (starting now)
9. Invent steering stiffener
10. Add larger chain ring and modify chain stays
11. Make clamp-on out riggers and try to flip it (changed to#25)
12. Fabricate new steering bar (aluminum or composite?) or rework existing
13. Lathe an aluminum collar for .5" hub axles (Ben E. said he'd do it for me) (That didn't work - James is doing it for me now).
14. Design and build a trainer to fit mag trainer (donated by Michael Hoenig).
15. Replace steel cables with Kevlar (maybe not - I think the flex of steel is good....)
16. Crotch guard / fender
17. Narrow chain stays to allow foot to clear
18. fix derailleur
19. crank hitting chain stay
20. chain stay frame flex?
21. Narrow, high density foam for seat
22. Make front quick release safety
23. Change steer cable sheaves to Pete Heals idea
24. Add missing and new webs
25. Add a g-meter and quantify turning g's at flippage threshold. (add outriggers)
26. Widden the track width to 42 inches and test.
27. Solve the rear stiffness issue (If the wider track is good, then build a whole new rear triangle)

TOTAL distance on TCR1
565.9 km

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