Oct 25

Oct 25, 2004

Training and an intermediate record attempt

The SportsCrafter rollers are working very well! I constructed a wood stand today where TCR1 axle flanges bolt onto. This keeps the bike steady and stops the front tire from sliding off the rollers and I don't have to concentrate on steering.

I did 60 minutes straight today averaging 151 watts at 112 heart rate. At that pace, it's easy enough to read a book or watch TV while cranking out the kilojoules. I find one hour isn't difficult, but a bit boring and it would be great to be able to shift position slightly to expose slightly different muscles to the monotonous movement. I might play around with adding something to raise or lower the front of the seat on the fly. I found while riding today that if I lifted my butt and sat on my hands, it changed the hip angle slightly and felt like a brand new position - refreshing.

That might be a definite requirement for a long endurance record - to be able to cycle through various positions to assist blood flow and recovery and bring some new muscle fibers into the game.


1 Make a platform for the wind trainer (mini-rollers)
2 Add front derailleur (removable - not for the record bike)
3 Add front caliper brake (for the record bike)
4 Mount first fairing and all the work required with that
5 Make CF front wheel fairing
6 Make CF rear wheel discs
7 Run road, roll-over and watts tests for new suspension system
8 Redesign steering bar to above waist (possibly brake lever steering for record bike???)
9 Worm gear steer prototype (Waiting for final design and parts list from Ben)
10. Adjustable seat height

TOTAL distance on TCR1
667 km

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