Oct 29

Oct 29, 2004


Big day today. I spent the day fabricating mounts for the fairing which came in yesterday. The fairing looks really great - Shane, Ken, Paul and the rest of the guys at Innovative Wings did a fantastic job. For what it is - a first attempt tester, it's pretty nice - equally as nice as many finished fairings I've seen. I was on my last bracket when I ran out of welding argon gas! (I hate it when that happens). I was so anxious to try the fairing out, that I mounted it anyhow - probably don't even need that last mount because it worked fine! I taped the fairing top on temporarily for the test ride just to see what the visibility would be like (it was totally ok - I was worried about visibility, but it was no problem at all).

I'm happy to say that it turns perfectly by tipping over with the frame and the two struts slide nicely in the grooves cut out of the fairing on each side. It's super roomy in there too! I could easily pack some luggage - too much room. I'll have to pay more careful attention to that on the next fairing. My feet are rubbing the two side slightly, but that's not really a problem - The fairing is very soft and I need to add stiffening ribs anyhow, so stretching it a bit wider near the nose will be easy to do. I think I'll also shave a couple of inches off the height of the top, as my toes have a couple inches before they hit the roof. That should improve visibility (not that it's a problem now), and reduce my surface area a bit.

I think I'll take everyones advice and experiment with shorter cranks now. If my watts output efficiency stays the same, then shorter cranks will allow me to reduce the nose area even more.

Well, that's all for now - I'll be posting more details on the mount fabrication later.

TCR2 (track) 2Do LIST:

1. Make a platform for the wind trainer (mini-rollers)
2. Add front caliper brake
3. Mount first fairing and all the work required with that
4. Make CF front wheel fairing
5. Make CF rear wheel discs
6. Redesign steering bar to above waist (possibly brake lever steering for record bike???)
7. Adjustable seat height

TCR1 (cross country) 2Do LIST:

1 Add front derailleur
2 Run road, roll-over and watts tests for new suspension system
3 Worm gear steer prototype (Waiting for final design and parts list from Ben)

TOTAL distance on TCR1
704 km

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