Nov 11

Snowvember 11, 2003

Whew! I got a ton accomplished today. Finished the front forks and I've already grinded down my icky welds. I was pleased that my forks didn't warp at all after welding. Then are very straight and true with both dropouts square to the axle and raked exactly 3/4 of an inch.

I also used my tubing notcher today for the first time - boy does it produce sweet notches! I'm having a problem with the drill press hole drill getting stuck in the work piece and pulling the arbor out the press. What a pain. I really need to do something about that - it's taking forever to notch a hole.

I have most of my frame cut and notched - tomorrow I'll be welding it together and welding on the head tube and bottom bracket. Next on the agenda is the rear stays, then I install the headset, forks, and cranks. I'm still waiting for the 36 hole wheel I ordered to arrive to fit my custom 36 hole narrowed drive hub - oh ya - that's another thing I need to do - cut and narrow that hub. That will be a delicate job.

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