Dec 7

Dec 7, 2004

Success in Tucson

Well, partial success. My third attempt at qualifying for the Boston marathon was successful this Sunday in Tucson, Arizona with a time of 3 hours, 17 minutes. Unfortunately, it wasn't Helens day and she just missed her qualifying time.

The weather was super crappy - race day was a cold and cloudy day sandwiched between two rainy and cold and cloudy days.

I battled a variety of aches and pains for the first hour (residue from the previous 3 months of training for this) before they sort of became numb, and were slowly replaced with fresh, new pains. This was a downhill course and 2 to 3 hours into a downhill marathon, you get to enjoy a whole lot of pain and suffering as you try to keep your heart rate up while trying to ignore the rapidly advancing pains on every foot strike.

We chose this marathon because we thought it would be fast, but I have just discovered that the average finish times are actually SLOWER than a flat marathon course we raced last summer. Downhill courses really pound the hell out of the legs and I think that is why they tend to be a bit tougher.

The happy couple back in the hotel room after the race. No, we weren't just ordained. Those symbols on the medals are Cactus, not crosses.

I made some more progress on the steering today. Tomorrow I'm going to put the grips and brakes and shifters back on, then start work on making the fairing slot sliders smoother. Hopefully, this recent snow will melt a bit so I can take it out for a test.

Next on the agenda is forming the plug for the fairing canopy top which will include the lexan bubble.

TCR2 (track) 2Do LIST:

1. Make a platform for the wind trainer (mini-rollers)
2. Add front caliper brake
3. Mount first fairing and all the work required with that
4. Make front wheel fairing
5. Make rear wheel discs
6. Make a new steering bar that rises up a bit higher - also takes up less room on the sides so fairing can be tighter
7. Adjustable seat height
8. Make fiberglass canopy top with acrylic bubble and tailbox
9. Paint this puppy!
10. Rear strut supports
11. lower and chop
12. Make sliders for the rear struts
13. Re-think steering. AGAIN!

TCR1 (cross country) 2Do LIST:

1 Add front derailleur
2 Run road, roll-over and watts tests for new suspension system
3 Worm gear steer prototype (Waiting for final design and parts list from Ben)

TOTAL distance on TCR1
826 km

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