Dec 10

Dec 10, 2004

Paint scheme and new name ideas

I woke up this morning feeling creatively inspired, so I sketched out a pretty cool paint design for the streamliner:

Since the whole trans Canada journey is kind of up in the air right now, I'm not sure "Trans Canada Rocket 1" is a suitable name. For now, I'd like to rename it. Going with this creative mood I'm in this morning, I put pen to paper and came up with a few fantastic names. I am sure you will agree - please let me know which one you like the best:

You know, I was going to change the font on each one, but you just can't get any better than that freehand script, so I stuck with it for each of the fore ideas. Also, you can't go wrong with star dust sprinkles, so I just used them for all the names.

Here are some additional ideas: You can append the word "Surprise" or "Delite" (spelled with a "ite" at the end rather than "ight") to the end of any of these names, and make them even better. Like "Mysti Dawn Surprise" or "Honey Suckle Dream Delite". Plus, another idea is to start each name with "Sea Breeze", "Mystie Morning" (since the word "Mystie" spelled with an "ie" or just an "i" is such a great word, you can use it more than once), or the best prefix word: "Sweet". Like "Sweet Mystie Morning Mysti Dawn", or "Sweet Sea Breeze Moon Dust Garden Delite Surprise".

Note: Do NOT use the words "Unicorn" or "Pixie" because they sound stupid. Besides, "Pixie" is kind of girly and "Unicorn" is so 70's.

TCR2 (track) 2Do LIST:

1. Make a platform for the wind trainer (mini-rollers)
2. Add front caliper brake
3. Mount first fairing and all the work required with that
4. Make front wheel fairing
5. Make rear wheel discs
6. Make a new steering bar that rises up a bit higher - also takes up less room on the sides so fairing can be tighter
7. Adjustable seat height
8. Make fiberglass canopy top with acrylic bubble and tailbox
9. Paint this puppy!
10. Rear strut supports
11. lower and chop
12. Make sliders for the rear struts
13. Re-think steering. AGAIN!

TCR1 (cross country) 2Do LIST:

1 Add front derailleur
2 Run road, roll-over and watts tests for new suspension system
3 Worm gear steer prototype (Waiting for final design and parts list from Ben)

TOTAL distance on TCR1
826 km

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