Dec 14

Dec 14, 2004

Today's list done, but more stuff added:

Today I made a elastic strap for the canopy bubble and that was WAY easier said than done! It's these small things that take so much time. The first attempt resulted in me getting snapped in the back of the head when the elastic cord bounced off it's hook. I had to change that. Finally it seems like I have something that works.

I went for a good ride today and the vent hose works - but just barely. It got very hot inside the fairing and the bubble steamed up pretty good, but the vent hose was able to always keep a small area directly in front of my face clear. I would like more clearing because I couldn't see the mirror very clearly when the sides were fogged up. I'll pick up a larger diameter hose tonight and install that tomorrow

I noticed that the mirror was vibrating out of position, so I drilled and tapped a small hole in the stand and inserted a set screw.

It was a bit windy today and the new high-leverage steering system seems to work very well. What was strange was that since I am now isolated from the outside world because of the canopy bubble, I can no longer feel or even hear the wind. (No, not because the fairing is so well insolated - because the rumbling is so LOUD, I can't hear the wind blow!). So when a gust of wind from the side hits the fairing, it comes as a big surprise and feels like something strange happened to the steering cables. But I realized that it was just the wind and got used to it. Holding the fairing up during a wind blast is pretty easy now since I have so much leverage on the steering bar.

There are a couple of items I need to add to my list before I attempt Banff. The first is to finally add that front derailleur! There is one fairly big hill on the way to Banff and at over 70 pounds, I'll need the gearing. The second item is to add a head rest. My neck gets pretty tired, so I need to look into something to support my head.

I put the strut slot sliders in and decided against them. Currently, I don't really feel any air flow coming IN through those slots, so I imagine they are serving as an air out vent. If I cover them up, it's possible that my in-flow vent hose won't work as efficiently. When I inserted the sliders, they seemed to work fairly smoothly until one of them jammed. That's when I decided no way - it's just not worth the risk. If they were to jam, I think I could bust them apart with a good hard turn of the steering bar, but I'm not willing to take any chances with that, so I am going to leave them off for now.

As far as visibility goes, (that is, me BEING visible, not me HAVING visibility) the strobe lights are visible, but I'm not sure they attract the kind of attention I think they need to... Look at this picture and you will agree that the Rocket tends to blend into it's background - very dangerous! I need to do something more...

A flag would work, but they are very draggy. Maybe I should paint the rear end red - that would probably help quite a bit - or perhaps I should get some of that yellow and black stripped safety tape and plaster it all over the rear.

Here is what I need to do before it's ready to go:

1. Add a fastener to the canopy bubble lid.

2. Larger vent hose

3. Visibility - Try some yellow and black safety tape on the back - or spray paint the back end red.

4. Redundant brake - This could possibly wait until after Banff. Since I only have ONE brake, I have no way to stop if it fails. Which might not be very pretty. But, the single works OK - not super great, but acceptable. Enough to slow me to a safe speed going down only one single hill on the Banff Calgary route.

5. Steering redundancy - Look at possibly adding an emergency break away system with a elastic or spring to automatically pull it to the RIGHT hand side (gutter as opposed to into traffic)

6. Helmet - not sure what to do about this. My helmet doesn't fit in the canopy bubble. If I were to crash, the streamliner would probably slide on it's side and I would be fine - I mean, it's not like I'll be going 90 miles per hour.

7. Rear view mirror - I added a mirror today (see below for photos) and it works great. I need to better secure the rotation because it could move with heavy vibration.

8. Front wheel well - Do it - it's needed.

9. Rear wheel covers - The edges of the left inside wheel cover are not pressed against the tire - fix that.

10. Finish the strut slot sliders - This is something that I don't really need for the Banff trip. They are finished and should work OK, but I haven't tested them yet. The last time I had them installed, they were making steering an impossible job - but I have shaved down the edges and they seem to slide much easier now.

11. Re-glue Sintra Canopy lid slots.

12. Adjust the front fairing mount (causing some 'folding' between the lid and the bottom)

13. Install front derailleur

14. Add a head rest


Tuesday -
1. Rear canopy lid fastener
2. Re-glue Sintra lid sliders
3. Install Rear slot sliders
4. Go for a good, thorough test ride. Test vent tube - If it's not good enough, then buy a bigger hose from Home Depot. Test slot sliders, and canopy bubble fastener.

Wednesday -
1. Build the front wheel well
2. Fix the rear slot sliders in place
3. Install new larger vent hose
4. Head rest
5. Test ride - drive out to the highway to inspect the shoulder conditions

Thursday -
1. Install front derailleur
2. Install redundant brake
3. Look at redundant steering ideas
4. Test ride - drive out to the highway to inspect the shoulder conditions

1. Anything not yet finished, which will probably be everything.
2. Examine redundant steering ideas again.
3. If you run out of stuff to do, then re-make those goofy rain covers that are bumpy and ugly on the side of the bubble.
4. Test ride - drive out to the highway to inspect the shoulder conditions


1. Test the strut slot sliders
2. Add a rear view mirror
3. Fasten down rear of canopy bubble
4. Fasten down the Eternalight strobe with velcro
5. Look into adding MORE Eternalights
6. Re-glue Sintra canopy lid slots
7. Front wheel well
8. Add a vent hole with ducting to the canopy bubble.
9. Finish the wheel covers.
10. Add a second front caliper brake
11. Make a portable wind trainer using the (mini-rollers)
12. Look into painting the fairing
13. Find a helmet that fits in the bubble

TOTAL distance on TCR1
826 km

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