Dec 18

Dec 18, 2003

Much better! I changed the two rear wheels today - 24 inches apart and mounted them as far forward as possible resulting in a well balanced trike. I went for a spin and it was fun! I've been using my SRM watts meter and I did not notice much of a drag penalty by adding the additional wheel, but that should not be right because the extra wheel will add drag plus additional rolling resistance which should result in a slower speed per given watts input. Not sure what's going on...

Currently, I have been trying to maintain a consistant 100 watts of output effort during test rides. I note my average speed while maintaining 100 watts and record it. Then I compare it to the theoretical speed that I estimate using two web site based speed calculators. Here are the links for those calculators:

And here are my results so far compared with the simulation predictions:

Triathlon Bike HPV HPV Trike
Simulator Predictions: 14.4 mph 18.4 mph ?
Real Test Results: 12 - 13 mph 12 - 13 mph 12 - 13 mph

As you can see, my real world test results for the triathlon bike are fairly close to the simulator prediction which leads me to believe that my SRM watts device is functioning correctly. What is troublesome, however, is how much slower my HPV real test results are from the simulator - 18 mph predicted for a lowracer compared to only 13 mph actually measured. None of the roads around here are flat, and it's never not windy so I try to do my tests on a fairly level road out and back and then take an average. It's not as accurate as a controlled environment like a velodrome, but after many trials and averaging, I should be able to get fairly close.

So - my concerns at this point are:

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