Dec 5

Dec 5, 2003

Well, yesterday I got my front wheel spoked up and mounted. My spoke order hasn't come in yet, so I temporarily laced it up with some old spokes which is fine for now. Unfortunately, we got recently dumped on (snow), so I can't even try my bike! How upsetting. I'll need to set up one of the wind trainers and see what it's like to peddle.

Today I set up my Tacx CycleForce Cycletrainer to the lowracer to see if I could quantify the efficiency loss between various chain/gear configurations and also between the bent and my triathlon bike.

After welding together a stand that would couple the FWD lowracer to the trainer, I proceeded to speed up to and maintain 140 watts and 80 rpm. I held that for 10 minutes while recording my average heart rate for that 10 minute period. The heart rate would give me a rough idea of how hard I had to work to maintain 140 watts.

Then I took the chain off the orange idler (I was still able to drive the wheel because I wasn't turning), and did the same thing. There was a 6 beat per minute INCREASE in heart rate when using the idler which amounts to about 5% LOSS of efficiency simply by using the tight idler.

Then I rigged up my triathlon bike and did the same thing - but, I was recording a HIGHER average heart rate for that simple chain drive system which was odd ... Then I figured out that if you have the tension on the roller slightly different between both bikes, it will provide a different watts value.

I need to figure out some way to make the pressure of the roller on the tire standard between both the lowracer and my road bike.

Here's a close-up of the intermediate drive and the power-sucking orange idler

Here is a shot of my stand that allows my to use the HPV with my road bike cycle trainer.

I wish I were outside!!! But then again, I still have no way to steer it....

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