The Rocket Lean-steer Velomobile

This is the Rocket - A lean steer delta trike human powered hot rod.

The Rocket was originally conceived as a human powered vehicle to set a new cross-Canada human powered speed record. For a number of reasons, the streamliner ended up as something totally UNSUITED for such a challenge.

These web pages chronicle the entire journey from an idea to cross Canada in a fully faired human powered vehicle to the design and fabrication of what I now called The Rocket - a human powered hot rod.

I temporarily abandoned the cross Canada record attempt - mostly because I came to the realization that this was totally not the kind of vehicle for a journey like that. Instead, I built a new streamliner for a 24 hour record human powered record attempt. That web page is here.

My plan is to paint the Rocket and add tail lights, possibly a headlight and a sound system creating the worlds first human powered hot rod!

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