I have joined Team Diabetes Canada
to compete at the 2002 Ironman Canada triathlon
on August 25, 2002


Please donate to Diabetes Canada and help me reach my goal of $7000.

Helping is EASY!

Just send me an email with your TAX DEDUCTABLE donation amount, name and phone number. I will contact you later about picking up your donation. 

For a list of supporters, please clIck HERE!


More detaIls below:

Greg's next adventure planned!!!

Yes - the crazy triathlon trip to Ironman Utah... It was quite the adventure, wasn't it? And now that it's over I am sure many of you are starting to suffer withdrawal symptoms. No more "Adventures of Greg" daily reports from the road, no new mishaps to laugh at, no more silly predicaments, crazed Montana red-necks, wild rabid dogs, hypothermia, heat stroke, dehydration, killer waves, or other random death-defying stunts to read about. Gone are the Martha Stewart-esqe small town fine dining and accommodation reviews, the captivating short films, the awkwardly placed philosophy lessons, the McGiver tricks, and geography classes.

But fret not because Greg has a NEW ADVENTURE PLANNED!!!

And I need your help.

Here's the scoop:

Because of high winds, stressful conditions and an unfortunate fatality at the inaugural Ironman Utah, 1400 athletes who entered the water that day were unable to complete what months and months of dedicated training was preparing them for. To be called an Ironman. Since the race was shortened to a half-Ironman distance decathlon, many of the triathletes departed Utah feeling unfulfilled.

The corporation who owns the Ironman events; Ironman north America, in a statement on June 14th, 2002, is making some attempt to satisfy those 'hungry' athletes by opening up a total of 900 slots in other Ironman events in 2002. These slots will be awarded randomly to Ironman Utah athletes who enter a lottery.

For me, the only event which makes sense is the ever popular Ironman Canada on August 25, 2002. There will be a total of only 25 slots available for IMC and I am certain that hundreds will be applying for those spots through the lottery system.

What I have decided to do, is to take a slot for Ironman Canada by joining the Diabetes Canada Team. It's probably the more difficult way to get an Ironman race in this summer, but definitely represents more of a challenge to me, as well as the opportunity to benefit a worthy cause. It's also a cause that I can somewhat relate to, as my mother in-law has recently developed Diabetes due to some health problems.

I want to raise $7000 for the cause - and this is where I NEED your help.

For my contribution, I will not only be swimming, cycling and running the 140 mile Ironman Canada course, but I will also be the first to donate to Diabetes Canada by pledging $500.

Helping is easy!

All you need to do is decide how much you would like to contribute and reply to this email with your name, phone number and pledge amount. I'll contact you later and arrange to pick up your cheque at your convenience. Easy. That's all you have to do.

Every little bit counts, so please - on behalf of Diabetes Canada, reply to this email with your much appreciated TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation and continue to enjoy the ADVENTURESofGREG web site as I prepare for the worlds toughest and oldest Ironman triathlon: Ironman Canada in Penticton on August 25, 2002.

I will post your name and pledge on my web site unless you instruct me not to. Also check this web site for a bar chart that will show my progress - both my IMC training progress AND financial progress! Also stay tuned for more adventures of Greg updates as my training progresses.

Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!

Best regards,
Greg Kolodziejzyk

" Success is not about fame or fortune. Success is about giving yourself the opportunity to live up to your fullest potential."
--- Copyright © 1987 Shane Guffogg