Feb 23

Feb 23, 2006

New Adamo racing saddle and a training update

Check out this wild new seat I got:

It's the Adamo racing seat by Blackwell Research. Blackwell Research was contacted by Steve Toll, a male triathlete with typical male seat issues. The legendary designer, John Cobb went to work on Steve’s saddle idea, modifying it while applying some of their proven seat modifications. The result was the Adamo, Latin for "pleasure." Offering almost total relief from Perineal nerve pressure, this new design seat puts the rider in an aggressive forward position. You have to ride to believe the lack of crotch pressure, after you ride it you will feel the relief.

In my opinion, this seat is a god send - VERY comfortable and no numbness or pain after a long, extended ride in aero position.

The main difference between this seat and the other 'donut-hole' seats is that you can slide forward to the tip of the seat or to the back of the seat in aero position like you can with your standard road bike saddle. The advantage over the road saddle is you stay centered on the seat rather than slightly 'off to one side' like you need to do with a road bike saddle when down in aero position. The other main difference, of course is way less pressure on the Perineal nerve due to the slot in the seat.

Ironman Arizona is now only 6 weeks away and my training is going fairly well I think. 20 hours this week, 20 hours last week and 25 hours the week before. My weekly training hours are about the same as they were leading up my IM cda last summer, but my total bike hours are down mostly due to winter weather. My coach, Jason thinks I have a pretty decent endurance base due to all the long hours getting ready for the 24 hour record in November. Most of my bike time is now spent on the mag trainer inside doing MAP intervals.

MAP intervals are killing me!!! Ugh! I do them three times per week and they get tougher each week. I'm just finishing my third and final week of these, thank goodness! For example, todays session is 2 sets of 6 intervals, with 1 minute ON at 375+ watts then 3 minutes at an easy pace. The one minute ON feels like hell for the last 15 to 30 seconds. Then you repeat that hell 12 times!

I did my fastest 100 meter all-out swim the other day of 1:27 with a wet suit. I am feeling a lot of dull-pain discomfort in my arms and shoulders from that wet suit. This is nothing new and typically takes a could of weeks of swimming with the wet suit to get the arm muscles accustomed to the slightly different angles caused by the wet suit buoyancy. This really bothers me because at the end of a work out when my arms are sore, I take the wet suit off and swim some more, feeling like a new man.

I wore my sleeveless suit in the pool today and repeated the 50 and 100 meter test to see how much slower the sleeveless would be. My arms felt great, and normal, but my 50 was 3 seconds slower and my 100 was about 6 seconds slower. I can't be absolutely certain it isn't because my arms are a bit fatigued from yesterdays test, but I bet it is due to the buoyancy differences between the two suits.

My running is going OK. I'm doing one intensity session per week that consists of 1 mile repeats ramping up from 6 mph to 10 mph then back down. My long run is 3.25 hours now and is split into two 90 minute sessions. I do my first 90 minute run immediately after my bike intervals, then finish the run 2 hours later on the track at the Talisman center. I have also been doing my run intervals AFTER the bike intervals. I feel this is very important - it's the very best way to simulate how your legs feel after getting off the bike at Ironman. If you can run for 3 hours after a gruelling 2 hour bike MAP workout, then I think there won't be any unpleasant surprises on Ironman day.

My weight still really bothers me. 163 pounds on the scale yesterday which is up from my typical weight of around 155 or so. As I said before, I was as low as 148 pounds before Alabama. One of the reasons for the weight increase has to be the Creatine supplementation. Supposedly, it adds about 4 to 5 pounds of water weight, but according to the way in which I am taking it, it's not supposed to add any additional weight. Some of this additional weight is definitely lean body tissue for sure, but along with that is some additional fat as well. Who knows, perhaps my power and endurance will be better at this heavier weight?? I know 200 pound guys who are way faster than I am at Ironman distances!!

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