May 21

Bike Run Swim Total
Today 42 15 0 57
Total to Date 351 45 3 399

distances in km.

May 21

Ah, the yin and yang of life on the trike - it's a continual give and take. You get something and you give something back.

On the i90 the pretty is gone, but I have my luxuriously wide shoulder. No more stress about fitting in with traffic - it all just roars by.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees in Helena (not far from where I was) and today it snowed on me.

It rained all day and my gear is soaked but I had a decent tail wind blowing me to my destination.

But overall, a good day. A much more realistic 57-km traveled from Deer Lodge to Butte. I started at 10:00 am, cycled 42 km then ran 15 km finishing at around 3:00 pm.

Since I've changed my route, I have not yet checked my map for distances and hotel accommodations, and so I got a chance to do that today. Here is how the tentative plan looks:

Wed from Butte to Dillon 93 km Thurs from Dillon to Dubois 150 km

Thursday is going to be another 'oh my heck day', but I have no choice because I didn't bring a tent.

Fri from Dubois to Idaho Falls 81 km Sat from Idaho Falls to Pocatello 76 km Sun I think I might stay in Pocatello and put in some swimming time. Mon Pocatello to I have no idea yet - I can't seem to find a hotel anywhere around the 100km distance!

After that, I don't know because I don't have a hotel guide for Utah. Also - I am aware that bikes are NOT allowed on Utah interstates, which might present a bit of a problem. But as you know, I am riding The Triathlon Machine - not a mere 'bike'. The map shows plenty of side roads from the border into Salt Lake City. At most I think it might be a couple more days putting me a bit ahead of schedule at a grand total of around 12 days.

I need to start paying some attention to my bike/run/swim proportions. According to the official 'rules' (I make the rules), I need to cycle 80% of the total distance, run 18% and swim 2% just like the Ironman 3-sport breakout.

I'm psyched about how I feel right now - no real bad soreness - my right anterior tibia is a bit tight, but otherwise I feel great.

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