“That’s a crazy idea”
- Greg‘s training buddy Greg B
  “Did I know you’re doing this on the trike? This is getting weird”
- Greg‘s coach Steve P
  “Don’t forget to pick up Krista from Dance tonight”
- Greg‘s wife Helen
  “Good idea, flying is expensive”
- Greg’s friend John M
  “What’s a trike?”
- Greg’s other friend Tom S
  “Are you going to carry your bike on your back when you swim?”
- Greg’s 3rd friend Murray H
  “Cool dad!”
- Greg’s kids
  “You construct your life like you’re the protagonist in an epic Homerian odyssey… ”
- Greg’s other John M friend, who knows lots of big words.
  “Sounds dope. Not exactly what you’d call a taper”
- Derek E who is also doing a crazy bike trip of his own Check out his web site
  “I must say… YOUR FRIGGIN BAD!!!”
- Alex M
  “Very bloody cool Greg. Good luck you daft bugger!”
- My hero Jason Lewis who is DEFINITELY nuttier than I. Jason is currently PEDDLING around the world and is almost finished!!! Check out his web site