Ironman Canada 2007 Race Report

Ironman Canada 2007 Race Report

My finishing time was 10:54 and I came in 33rd out of 296 in my division. The last Ironman World Championships qualifying slot went to 10:38, so I was about 16 minutes too slow.

This was Ironman Canada's 25th anniversary and to celebrate, they invited just over 2700 athletes to join in the fun this year - a record number. There is no doubt about it - Ironman Canada IS the best Ironman race in the world. What an amazing event. I actually enjoyed many parts of the race. The crowds watching are enthusiastic and everywhere you go. A truly great event.

The swim was great - I don't think I touched another swimmer the whole 3800 meters in Okanagan Lake. My secret is to start way, way, way LEFT. Then when the start cannon blows I run still further LEFT until I am on the far outside and in my own private water space. This also cuts off some distance, as the beach curves out toward the turn around buoy. Not much though, but I'll happily take whatever I can get. My swim time was an average 1:15.

My bike kind of sucked. I just ran out of steam. I had no issues holding my 200 to 210 watts during the first 3 hours, but after climbing Richter Pass I just sort of ran out of gas. I would be riding along at what I thought was 200 watts, when a quick look down at my SRM power meter would indicate 180 watts. I'd ramp up the power, then it would slowly fall again. My legs were sore and very fatigued. I think I am still not fully recovered from the 24 hour human powered boat record. Injuries from the 24 like my knee and hamstring were bothering me quite a bit near the end of the 180 km Ironman ride.

My run started out good, then got really good. After the first 45 minutes I was able to get into a comfortable sub 8 minute mile pace, but again, I just ran out of steam or the last hour and finished my marathon in just under 4 hours.

I'm not super disappointed, as my top 11% age group finish (33 rd out of 296 in the 45 to 49 age group) was my 3rd best Ironman finish, and my best Ironman Canada finish. My best performance was in Arizona 2006 when I placed 4th with a top 2% finish. Second best was Arizona in 2007 where I finished in the top 8%, but missed qualifying due to TWO flat tires!

Here is a list of all my races and finish times.

I think I am going to take a year off of Ironman and focus on some of my other challenges - like making some progress on the Pedal The Ocean project, a second 24 hour human powered boat record attempt race, and the Greenland Ice Cap crossing record attempt .

I may return for Ironman Arizona in 2009 where I WILL qualify.

Helen also had an enjoyable race.


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  1. # Blogger Theresa


  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Greg,
    We met after finishing a few seconds apart in the same age group at IM Arizona 2006.
    I also did IM Canada and had my best triathlon ever. I think the key was downing a LOT of calories in the cool weather bike ride when mixes like Gatorade are too dilute. I downed 15 gels on the bike, plus 800 calories in my starting bottle, and finished 2nd in 9:57.
    Good luck in all your adventures!
    Jeff Boldt  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    WEll done Greg.
    You done well for a "wrinklie", and congratulations to Helen as well.
    I only wish I could come over the Pond for a couple of weeks to give you a hand with THE boat, I make a good cup of tea, but I have a project of my own on going.
    Good on you both.
    Jeff UK  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Sweet looking bike.

    No doubt ... your 24 hour kayak event had you feeling tired for IMC.

    Nice kayak photo's. Amazing Whale breach.

  5. # Anonymous Frank Eeckman

    Hi Greg,

    Nice work. We met after the event when I went to pick up my bags. It turns out I am in the same boat as you. My 11:14:25 would have been good enough for a top 5-7 finish and a Hawaii spot on any normal year, but 2007 was different. I ended up 23rd in my age group.

    Keep up the good work !


  6. # Blogger GypsyGirl

    Hi Greg, Sailing kellie here! Well done on the race...I was thinking of you and wondering how it went. Say hi to Helen and Cody. Kel x  

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