Getting within WiTHiN

Before starting on the main hatch, we figured that we should double check to make sure that I can actually get into the boat. I know I can get in from the water because we set up a test a month ago where I constructed a wood frame that simulated the hatch area and practised deep water entry with the kayak hull before the full top deck was installed.

It wasn't as hard as it looks - really. I hoist myself headfirst through the hatch way into the boat lying on my stomach with my head toward the REAR (stern) of WiTHiN.

Then I flip around so that I am sitting on the seat with my legs still dangling outside. I can fold them up and tuck them inside. Done - easy.

Getting out is the reverse. There is not a whole lot of room in there! But that's the way it has been designed. I lived for 24 hours in Critical Power streamliner which makes WiTHiN look like a palatial mansion. I should be able to live for a month in WiTHiN.

I think I will need to get out though to stretch and be able to service the boat - tasks like deploying a sea anchor, cleaning the bottom, sun tanning, etc. We're probably going to have to come up with some way of deploying a temporary outrigger of some sort to allow me to stand up and climb up onto of the boat.


2 Responses to “Getting within WiTHiN”

  1. # Anonymous Alex

    Greg, good to see you can do it, still think some form of step on a rope for deep water might be good though.

    What about an inflatable something acting as an outrigger? Rather than have to have complcated arms, you could just pump the thing up, r even use CO2 tyre inflator cartridges perhaps?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    did you try it feet first?
    some thing that you can reach in the inside and pull out to hold on to may be need like some thing you can slide your but on  

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