The new web site is now up and running!

What's new:
  1. Let's give away 3000 bikes to 3000 kids!

    Goal: 3000 bikes for 3000 kids in 3000 miles

    Currently 1 in 3 of North American children are overweight. The health care costs associated with this issue cost Americans over $13 billion a year, and Canadians over $1 billion. A leading cause of this alarming epidemic: our sedentary lifestyles.

    The solution starts with getting kids active again! There are currently over 8 million families in North America living below the poverty line. For many of these families, providing bikes for their children is a luxury they can't afford. What’s worse, many of these kids will end up sitting at home and watching TV instead.

    Remember your first bike? Unfortunately, too many children are growing up without those special, valuable memories of young freedom, outdoor activity, and self-reliance. Let’s change that! Together, we can make a difference - one bike at a time. Donate a bike to a child who can't afford one. Sponsor a mile for as little as $50.

    For every mile that Greg pedals WiTHiN across the Pacific ocean, Kimberlee's Bikes For Kids Charity will donate one bicycle to a deserving child who can't afford one. When you sponsor a mile of the Pedal The Ocean voyage (for just $50!) you’re putting a bicycle in the hands of a deserving child and playing an important part in our fight against sedentary lifestyles and the childhood obesity epidemic. If Greg makes it to Hawaii he will have traveled 3000 miles. With your help, that means 3000 bikes for 3000 kids!

    BE THE FIRST TO DONATE - Click here.

  2. Direct link to the blog and latest Twitter posts.

  3. Follow Greg page

    Thanks to PTO sponsor Spidertracks, you will now be able to follow my every move as I human-power my way across the Pacific ocean, or where ever else my travels with WiTHiN take me. And no, I'm not currently in New Zealand. Spidertracks is in NZ, and that's where my tracking unit is being shipped from.

  4. New Photos and Videos gallery

    Check out photos and watch YouTube videos from the sea trials, Critical Power human powered vehicle record, last Septembers Critical Power 2 human powered boat record, boat building progress, and lots of other craziness.

  5. Visit our pedaltheocean sponsors, and read more about our amazing team that is making this human powered coolness actually happen!

  6. Consider actually becoming a PTO corporate sponsor! We have corporate and small business packages starting at $250 which include your logo at the web site, and a small logo on WiTHiN. We are still looking for a title sponsor and we are prepared to completely brand WiTHiN to match a title sponsors brand including a name change.

    All personal sponsorships including the "across with Greg" name on WiTHiN sponsors will now be donated to the '3000 bikes' objective with Kimberlee's Bike for Kids Charity.
I would like to extend my HUGE, HUGE, HUGE gratitude to three professionals who donated their time to make the new web site as cool as it is:

Stephen Capp from Capp Creative - PTO webmaster.
Stephen Capp is a website designer in Calgary Alberta and has been designing and coding websites in various capacities since the 90s and is his home on the web. His primary purpose is to help individuals and small businesses promote their businesses by building them better, more effective websites.

Julia Lauer -
Ambush Graphics, Inc - PTO web site designer
Julia has over 20 years experience producing graphics, and can provide support you in any endeavor to build a strong, vibrant corporate message by providing the client with creative marketing pieces for print and on the web

Chris Keam - Expedition copywriter
Chris has worked as a writer and editor (web, print, corporate communications, and broadcast) in Vancouver since 1989. His creative nature, dry wit, and slightly skewed sense of humour are the qualities that he can harness to create effective communications.


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